Friday, 23 November 2018

Brand New Wanlove the Kobolo, Mensah WO NIM MI FT MEDIKAL

Thursday, 13 September 2018



A revolutionary greetings to every Ghanaian especially the youth, whose present and future are about to be sold out by the government of Ghana. We would want to use this opportunity to thank all Ghanaians who saw the need to support us in the year 2015 when the government of the day led by H.E John Dramani Mahama wanted to use Ghanaians as guinea pigs during the lab manufacture Ebola outbreak.

Through your support, the message that, the government was about to commit a crime against her citizens was understood by every well-meaning Ghanaian and the government through the ministry of health had no choice than to halt the criminal, unethical Ebola vaccine trials in Ghana.
Once again today, Ghana is at the cross-road to be officially and finally sold out to foreign co-operation by killing indigenous companies and industries which has the potential to make our country a truly independent country as against this neo-colonial state.

If you want to know how rich or poor a country is find out how many industries or companies are owned by the natives, that been said, we are not in any way saying or suggesting that there should not be foreign owned companies in Ghana but, the government must have and put in place a practical and deliberate policies to make sure local industries have advantage and a better standing to compete well.

But that is not what the people of Ghana see year in year out, election in election out, party in party out the government of Ghana over the years is ruling the country just like the colonial rulers did or even worst than a colonial government will do.


On November 30th 2017, our President made a statement which suggested a bit of hope to the local industrial community which was captured by the with the caption: “I Won’t Repeat Nkrumah’s Industrialization Mistakes –Nana”

According to our President, Kwame Nkrumah made a big mistake by creating over 300 industries which was state owned instead of private owned, so he is going to make sure his industrialization program is led and owned by private individuals but one thing the President did not make Known to Ghanaians was, his industrial strategy was going to be led by foreign companies who are going to take almost 100% of their profit out of the country there by increasing capital flight.

It is said that action speak louder than words and our president Nana Addo has done exactly that, by signing an MOU with VW when a local car manufacturing company, KANTANKA is seeking the same offer from the government. We at the coalition for Ghana’s Independence Now have no better words to describe what the government has done than to call it a back-stabbing of KANTANKA by Nana Addo.

We were shocked to find out that government charges import duties on the made in Ghana car by KANTANKA and while we were trying to be school by economic experts on why an import duty must be charged on a locally manufactured product, KANTANKA and the people of Ghana were slapped with the most insensitive and indifferent act of bacterial ever in the history of Ghana with this VW MOU.

The issues about MenGold is quite complex but we believe that if government is ready to create more jobs, then this is an existing one, created by a Ghanaian  and only needs a legal feet to stand  rather than government helping to collapse it. Government’s inability to make menzGold remain operational will demonstrate how uncreative our government is and a deliberate killing of locally owned companies only to serve foreign interest which only benefit few people in the country.

We cannot call on government to sustain MenzGold without condemning the unprofessional behavior of representatives of MenzGold who maltreated some female journalist who went to their office to solicit for information. CGIN is asking MenzGlod and for that matter all Ghanaian owned companies to professionally train the gate keepers of their companies as such incidents can easily destroy their companies reputation and kill confidence in local institutions.

The Ghanaian youth must not see this deliberate frustration these two companies are going through as that of their own but rather that of ours. Because if we are able to secure and protect these two companies, the generational benefits will come to us and our children’s children.

As our name suggest, we would want every Ghanaian youth to understand that, Ghana is now politically and economically dependent, in other words, Ghana as you see today is not independent politically and economically it does not matter which party or president is in power.

These attacks on local institutions like MenzGold, KANTANKA and many others are the signs that our elected leaders right after election do not see themselves as one of us Ghanaians and therefore do their best in serving foreign interest there by behaving like illegitimate unelected government.
We therefore call on all Ghanaians who think about the future of this country to use every means possible to let government know that we have seen where their interest lays and their interest has got nothing to do with Ghana but, outside masters.

The youth of Ghana must know that our government over the years come to power to create jobs and opportunities for already developed nations and it is our duty to fight for the few individuals who are venturing to make sure some jobs are created in the country for us.

If you are finding it difficult to understand why the government you voted for would rather create jobs for other countries go read about the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) signed by the former president John Dramani Mahama and his NDC government which allows the European Union to bring 75% of their goods and service including banks and all other financial institution but our governments neither the NPN nor the NDC is ready to create a level play grounds for local institutions to even survive locally not to talk of exporting themselves.

It is often said that, both the NDC and NPP do not continue  project started by the other but, that is not true they do continue projects and policies, the only truth in the above perception is that these two parties do not continue projects that will benefit the Ghanaians but rather any project or policies which are inimical to the people of Ghana are always continued one of such policies is the EPA signed by President Mahama and  Nana Akufu Addo and his NPP have done nothing about it rather they are implementing it and physical evidence of it is the MOU signed between Ghana and VW.

As we stated earlier, when Nana Addo said he is not going to let his government follow industrialization policy of state owned industries we knew there and then that he has failed before he could start because, if you will follow the Ghanaian politics of the NDC and NPP, you will realize that they both run a confused directionless systems of government.

It is ironic to see a government who does not believe in a state owned industries go to bring another industry owned by another country like VW and the Chines truck manufacture who are both state owned.

Now is it clear that Ghana is a neo-colonial state irrespective of which party is in power and the sign of a neo-colonial government is that most policies they bring out further kills locally owned industries because the decisions are not made or suggested by the Ghanaian leaders you elected be it NPP or NDC rather, the people who take the most important decisions on your behave are not Ghanaians therefore, they take decision which will help their countries instead of your Ghana.
And the only way to fight your economic and political independence back is to have Ghanaian owned companies and industries standing tall and that is why we at the coalition for Ghana’s Independence Now are STANDING WITH MenGold and KANTANKA automobile company.

Tawiah Evans
The convener
The Coalition for Ghana’s Independence Now.
Mobile: 0247785986
Facebook: The Coalition for Ghana's Independence Now

Sunday, 15 April 2018

VGMA 2018 under review with DJ FUAD

                                                               By Tawiah Evans

Ebony overly deserve the artist of the year awards

VGMA Live Band decision is really working 

VGMA Ebony tribute performance  expose Ghanaians as soulless people 

I will give 90% for over all artists performance, this year's performances is the best in the past 7-8 years.

VGMA Stonebwoy is finally allergic to miming performance Live band gives him all the control and flexibility.

VGMA performances and how no blogger will mention Mr Okyere and his contribution for the night.

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the above topics are my observation on the night.   

Friday, 6 April 2018

Obinim Sticker Saga and the Awakening of Ghanaians, Give thanks to Avraham Ben MoShe

                                       By Tawiah Evans

These days, people of Ghana are bold to see some pastors for who they really are, comedians.
Some few years ago, who are you to make a sarcastic statement about how a “man of God” behaves or what they say? We were all engulfed in few of been punished by God.

Apart from the natural fear in the individuals who were afraid to talk about the illogical and senseless things our so called men of God engage in, the pastors also sort refuge in 1 Chronicles 16:22 "Do not touch my anointed ones; do my prophets no harm."
Some times you ask yourself, what kind of oil was used in anointing these concert party pastors; is it Frytol,Zome or kube Anwa? And the most important question is where did these people meet God after they slept with their younger pastor’s wife?.

But the good news is, since the emergence of  Avraham Ben Moshe in the religious space of Ghana things have dramatically changed. As many Ghanaians have got the boldness and the confidence to tell their minds on various religious issues coming from the numerous men of God.
Avraham Ben Moshe was a Muslim who became a Christian, later became a Jewis-Christ believer currently a non-religious free thinker. Through his teachings, the people of Ghana are gradually equipping themselves with a lot of religious knowledge which is taking away the fear of been killed or punished by God if they express their opinions on religious maters in the country.
Before Moshe started his education, it was very difficult to speak on religious matters without the fear of spiritual punishment. This gave preachers and the clergy unquestioned authority in the country but the narrative is not the same anymore.
In Ghana today, many pastors are cautious about the things they tell their followers because if you say anything unscientific, they will either show you a video of Avraham Ben Moshe to disprove what you are saying or they will start making mockery of your statement knowing very well that, you are not making any sense hence their name: The Common Sense Family.

It all started with Afia Schwarz’ sarcastic testimony about the Obinim sticker and everyone is giving their sarcastic testimony which in actual sense the man of God is been mocked and laugh at.

And to those of you who don’t know anytime people begins to laugh and mock at something they once cherished and fear so much, there and there you have to know that, that particular thing is losing grip of the very people it once held captives.

Mind you, this is not only happening to Obinim alone but countless men of God and for me we can talk about this feat in the spiritual part of our life as a society without mentioning the man behind The Common Sense Family, Avraham Ben Moshe for his contribution through his CSF teachings.

Sometimes people think it only in Ghana or Africa that people have become slaves to religion but the fact is Europe was once more religious than Africa today and they were so under-develop but a group of thinkers called the renaissance emerged and said henceforth we are not going to listen to the Church and what our religious leaders say unless it make logical sense and was only then that Europe begun to develop.

To be continue…..       


Thursday, 5 April 2018


                                                            By Tawiah Evans

Prince EA, one of the world’s amazing Spoken Words Artist has simplified the difference between the people who die and those who don’t die in this life of human endeavors.

In one of his amazing piece, “EVERYBODY DIES, BUT NOT EVERYBODY LIVES” the African American poet explained that, a research has shown that when human beings are about to die, they ponder over their entire life on earth and the research proved that, almost all of the dying people never regret the things they did in life but rather, they deeply regret the thing they wanted to do but couldn’t do.

The dream they had but couldn’t add life to it, the ideologies and the philosophies they loved and believed in but could not openly express it. To cut a long story short, the people who followed their heart and believed in what their life purpose are, turn to live forever in the hearts and minds of the living for eternity.


And like Africa’s Blacknificent Winnie Mandela, she chose a path, she lived an idealistic lifestyle and all of this got her misunderstood but she never listened to her destructors.

Just like Nkrumah made the male African of the 21st Century I call on all Africans in the world to confer on Winnie the enviable title of the African woman of the 21st Century.

Winnie to me is one of the few human beings who came to this world and lived and is living forever. The western media since her death is doing everything possible to emphasis on so called flaws and I want all proud Africans to desist from dwelling on her necessary evils.

Many of our people are quick to buy into every media propaganda bout our messiahs therefore I would want us to do the needed analysis about those so called flaws and evils of Winnie the revolutionary woman.

To start with I would want us to treat all the allegations about this great woman as the way the scientific community treats the negatives sides of their evections. I am a victim of Polio vaccination which is why I am an anti-vaccine activist.
The polio vaccine has killed and disabled so many people around the world but anytime the bad side of vaccination is mentioned, the vaccine community go like, the positives are more that the negatives though I have my reservations.

Just like Winnie,  I think her positives outweighs her unfounded flaws and even if those allegations are anywhere near the truth, the question is what caused those incidents? We are told of her involvement in some kidnap case and other allegations.

As she put it herself, “I am not a product of Nelson Mandela, I am a product of my environment” and I think she is indeed a product of her times so I think one cannot fight for her people under environment like the criminal Apartheid without offending some people.

But for me I don’t think Winnie did anything wrong because as I said, you cant fight a criminal undemocratic inhumane institution like apartheid and not be called names and once again every revolutionary fighter need a certain level of necessary evil in order to succeed and that is exactly what our Blacknificent Mama Winnie Mandela did and I don’t count that us a flaw or contradictions to her achievement of the African woman of the 21st century.
And that is my wake up call to all Africans home and abroad to see those so called flaws or contradictions as nothing but a necessary evil which she could not avoid.

Watch out for part 2 of this story. 

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Friday, 30 March 2018

US Military base in Ghana Where is the Christian Council of Churches?

                                           By Tawiah Evans

The Christian Council of Churches has kept quite since this US Ghana military saga started; it looks like they have all traveled to a different planet.
But people like us are not surprise in any way or form, the Christian Council has so many reasons why they have to remain silent.

The following can be some of the reasons why they are not talking: warning government to throw away this useless agreement will be a waste of time because should anything disastrous happen to Ghana from this sell out agreement, it affirms the Christian belief that the end of the world is near and so is the second coming of Christ.

This whole sellout is happening in the first place because of the half mentally alive zombie Ghanaian youth.

Because if the youth are politically awake and can live above the NPP,NDC blindness and stupidity, the 1992 constitution would have been changed by now to a more democratic constitution where every single decision of national interest will be practically decided by the ordinary people before the executive and parliament could work on it.

But the Churches in Ghana and the world are implicitly and to some large extent explicit in making the minds of the people week and blind to fight for the interest of the country.

To be fair to my Christian brothers and sisters, not all Christians are happy about what is going in our dear nation in fact almost 90% of Christians think this is a bad deal for Ghana, but almost 99% of them believe that, Ghana is a Christian nation and that Christ’s army is stronger than the US army so there should be no fears but many European countries will tell you their experience when it comes to reliance on Jesus in terms of military maters the first and second world war is a great example.

Jesus is one of the indifferent interventionist when people rely on him there are so many evidence in the bible and in our physical life times.
What role can the Christian Council play to save Ghana? Well, the Churches have control over the masses than any group of people not even the political parties.

The members of the Churches respect and obey their pastor and leaders than they would to a politician but there is a subliminal relationship between the Church and the political parties which is also like a contract of a sort where the mental training and upbringing of the citizens is done by the Churches these people are told not to have interest in political issues because they are said to be of the world.

Now let take some inspiration from Osaagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah who warned all African in his book, Consciencesim, the great African warned that, until the African way of life supersede the Euro-Christian and Arab-Islamic way of life Africans will go nowhere.

Finally, because of how Christianity was painted and presented to we Africans, majority of Christians find it difficult to accept that any people who like their savior Jesus Christ can be evil in other words, many Christians find it difficult to accept that the white man can do evil.

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